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Almost Christmas Time...

Once again it's been a long time since I've posted in here...looking back to the previous entry, I can't help but note that the last time I posted in here was mid September, the twenty first I believe, not too long after I started school.

It feels a little strange because I remember making that post, how I felt during it and when I was listening to Stealer's Wheel while I was writing it. Odd feelings, especially since I realize just how fast the last few months went. Too strange indeed to think about it, but anyways, onto other things I suppose.

So, what has happened in the last three months? An interesting set of thoughts indeed, as I wouldn't know where to begin. Do I speak of school or my thoughts or what's been going on in my life? Maybe, I'm not real sure, but I guess it's easier to just start from the beginning.

After my last post, I never really did recover from the apathy I had been feeling, mostly because I think I'm starting to get tired of school and the ideals that it bears. I'm tired of writing exactly what I'm told to write, then getting told that I did it wrong because I'm too 'stream of consciousness' based. I'm not sure whether to worry or just find it insulting that I'm being accused of thinking too much on my papers. At least I get decent marks, that generally what counts, though I'm going to have to take a crash course in paper writing or something to ensure that the professors of Third Year and on are going to give me halfway decent marks.

On that note, I dropped one of my English courses because the teacher was the exact opposite of what I had expected. Oh, the irony. You see, she was of the impression that our little class of ten people was no different than the class of seventy five she teaches at the other school she's employed at. She couldn't give two shits if I were to pass or fail, and I wanted to know what she wanted in the paper. Never before have I met a more cryptic women who can talk for half an hour and say nothing. I spoke with her three times about the first paper and received a great deal of jack shit. Couple this with a typical class being her talking far too quickly about poetry and you have a first class trip to Migraine City. So I dropped the course, thus paving my highway to Year Five. Yes, I shall now have to take a fifth year because I happened to pick her course. Real fair. I suppose I can't complain though. I had been considering starting a double major of English and Sociology, this kind of just makes way for that instead. It should be interesting, to say the least.

Other than that, school has been going well. Been passing most of my courses with flying colours and have even been getting some 80s and 90s, a nice contrast to the living hell of last year's four English classes at once. Less burn out this way.

Let's see, what else is happening with school...not too much really that I can remember, other than the fact that my roommates seem to be half decent when they're not irritating the fuck out of me and when I'm not having to go to English Society meetings that I happened to submit myself to (though the luster is long gone from the few moments of insanity that I wielded when I said yes). Oh well, I reap what I sow, what can you do?

Life in general has been going pretty good though. I haven't really been going out and such, the social scene really isn't my thing all that much, but it's all good. I've finally realized that a girlfriend at this point in time would complicate an already planned series of days that I plot out beforehand. Just need to get through school and things can go fine through there. I've also started to worry less about how fast time is moving and I'm focusing more on what I can do once I get out and into the real world. Who knows what'll happen then. This is generally the same attitude I've been having with most things now, trying to keep a relaxed and not altogether worrisome like I used to be. Some things over the last year or two have improved my confidence and standing with myself substantially, so it's been rather fun I'd say.

My writings have still stalled unfortunately, but my ideas never seem to end. I've got thoughts now for another series of books and I'm hoping that I can start writing them soon. Why, you ask, have I been having trouble writing? Simple. I have a Creative Writing course in school that has done little to keep me sane, since the teacher believes that anything he doesn't like is all wrong. Why am I in it? Because it's a mark and it's a 400 level course that I can get a good mark in if I try. That's pretty much the long and short of it. I'm getting to the point where I can do what he says in one class and ignore it the next moment, so it's starting to get to me less at least. Ah well, just have to keep on trucking.

I think that should be enough of a ramble for the moment though, and Merry Christmas all. I've been getting my shopping together pretty quick and I'm hoping that things will turn out well for all of you. Best Wishes and I hope the holidays are wonderful. Have a good one.

Ever present, just not always here,
-The Snakey

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